Interface Mission

Base Funding

The objective of this grant is to offer financial assistance for the structural funding component of the Collaborative Laboratory AccelBio, in accordance with the stipulations outlined in AAC no. 01/C05-i02/2022. This encompasses the advancement of technology platforms and drug discovery projects, alongside various cross-cutting activities such as management and coordination, training, communication, and business development.

Starting date: 15/12/2022
Estimated completion date: 31/03/2026

Eliglible Investment (AccelBio): 4 million €

More information: recuperarportugal.gov.pt

Mobilizing Agenda

HfPT – Health from Portugal

CoLAB AccelBio is one of the partners in the “Health from Portugal” Mobilizing Agenda, led by Prologica, and approved under the Portuguese Economic Recovery and Resilience Plan (Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência).

The main aim of the agenda is to position Portugal as a world reference hub in the design, development and production of advanced solutions for the health markets, based on innovation and technology. HfPT will focus on four areas: (i) the development of smart health solutions aimed at the digital medtech segment; (ii) the creation of a national smart health data repository of international reference; (iii) capacity building for the growth and sophistication of the clinical studies segment in the country; and (iv) the creation of solutions that valorise the potential of the ecosystem for collecting and benchmarking clinical data and costs associated with healthcare provision.

Starting date: 01/01/2023
Estimated completion date: 31/12/2025

Eliglible Investment (Agenda): 90,6 million €
Eliglible Investment (AccelBio): 708.779,76 €