Research and Technology

Drug discovery projects

AccelBio selects and de-risk the most promising early drug discovery projects in academia and startups and develop them into investment-ready assets. Three projects are in progress, but a national calls will open to select projects from external organizations.

Technology Platforms


The high-throughput and affordability of current omics technologies, allowing quantitative measurements of many putative targets has exponentially increased the volume of available data. Omics technologies offer an unprecedented ability to screen biological samples at the gene, transcript, protein, metabolite and their interaction network level.

Advanced in vitro systems

Cell-based assays are a crucial element of the drug discovery process. Compared to cost-intensive animal models, assays using cultured cells are simple, fast and cost-effective as well as versatile and easily reproducible. Thus, cell culture technologies that more closely resemble genuine cell environments are now being pursued with intensity as they are expected to accommodate better precision and improve the success rates of drug discovery.

Innovative Therapeutic Modalities

Many advances in biotechnology are offering completely new opportunities to design therapeutics for disease mechanisms previously considered difficult, if not impossible, to target. Small molecules remain the most common modality used for medicines but they cannot be effectively applied to all biological targets and in all disease settings. As such, the fundamental structure of drugs has evolved to include a much wider array of options that allow the unlocking of “undruggable” targets.