Co-Lab AccelBio

Collaborative Laboratory to foster Translation and Drug Discovery

Technology Platforms

Development, integration and scaling of core platforms to become drug discovery engines

Drug discovery projects

We define and execute a valorisation plan to translate your projects into drug discovery programs

Are you a biomedical scientist?

Do you have a start-up company?

Are you a pharma representative?

AccelBio is a collaborative laboratory that aims to be the bridge that brings biomedical science closer to the market. With a set of partners that cover all the necessary capacities and expertise to drive drug discovery, AccelBio selects fundamental research discoveries and cutting-edge technology platforms and tools, guiding the transformation of breakthrough science into validated and investment-worthy assets.

Our Mission and Goals

Guide and support the transformation of scientific insights into successful drug discovery and development programs that could deliver novel therapeutics


What People Say

A strong coordinated drug discovery activity at National level can contribute to a robust social and economic development engine, based on a long-term sustainable technological competitive differentiation.

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