Industry-academic partnerships are becoming more popular as pharmaceutical and biotech companies seek to harness the innovation and human capital within research institutions. Most companies engage in academic collaborations in order to expand their programs in the discovery of new targets, molecules or disease models. But how can we promote and manage such collaborations?

On May 12th, AccelBio will host a workshop together with a round table to discuss how academia and pharmaceutical and biotech industries can collaborate to promote technological advancement and innovation.


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Speakers for the event: 

Joachim Vogt

Joachim Vogt is Director Search & Evaluation International at AbbVie. He is responsible for the identification of European business opportunities across all indications and technologies of interest for AbbVie and serves as key contact for European partners, including academic institutions, biotech companies, venture capital, governments and non-profit organizations.



João Seixas

João Seixas is the CEO of TargTex, a Portuguese biotech company developing an innovative treatment to the most common and aggressive type of primary brain tumour – Glioblastoma. TargTex is a spin-off from Instituto de Medicina Molecular.



Rui Brito

Rui Brito is the CEO of BSIM Therapeutics is a biotech company focused on the design of organ-targeted, high-quality drug candidates for the treatment of transthyretin-mediated amyloidoses. BSIM is a spin-off from Coimbra University.



Nuno Prego Ramos

Nuno Prego Ramos is the CEO of CellmAbs, a fast-growing biotech company with an international, experienced team that has generated several preclinical candidates targeting solid tumors based on a world-leading understanding of cancer-specific glycan targets. CellmAbs is a spin-off from NOVA University of Lisbon.


Tobias Silva

Tobias Silva is Strategic Partnerships and Product Development Director at Bluepharma. Bluepharma Group is today one of the most entrepreneurial and innovative Portuguese group in the pharmaceutical sector. Bluepharma’s activity goes through the entire value chain of the drug, from R&D to the market.



David Braga Malta

David Braga Malta is a Life Sciences Entrepreneur, Inventor and Investor. David is currently managing the Health PE fund of Group Pictet, an investment-led service company. As an entrepreneur David founded LiMM, Cell2B and BoostPharma


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