WS | Navigating Intellectual Property Challenges in Pharma and Biotech

AccelBio, in collaboration with its Associate, Instituto de Medicina Molecular, had the distinct pleasure of hosting Anton Hutter from Venner Shipley for an insightful workshop on “Navigating Intellectual Property Challenges in Pharma and Biotech.”

This dynamic training session was meticulously crafted to offer participants a deep and comprehensive understanding of the intricate landscape of intellectual property (IP) within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. The workshop was designed to empower professionals, researchers, and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and practical tools required to safeguard their innovations, adeptly traverse IP challenges, and optimize the value of their intellectual property assets.

The workshop reaffirmed AccelBio’s commitment to fostering excellence in the fields of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, ultimately supporting innovation and the protection of intellectual property.

We extend our sincere appreciation to all who joined us for this enlightening session. Keep an eye on our platforms for future opportunities to engage in such informative events and continue the journey toward advancing science and innovation.



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